Mens Casual Boots to Wear With Jeans


The first question comes in people’s minds what Mens Casual Boots to Wear With Jeans? We know that not every day is to look formal and walk in a suit. Just as you are looking to look elegant, you are also looking to have a more relaxed appearance without leaving fashion behind.

Every businessman and passionate about good clothing knows that weekends are to relax without neglecting his image. To achieve a casual business outfit, some basics are necessary: jeans, shirts, blazers, and shoes suitable for the occasion.

On many occasions, we believe that, by wearing jeans, we can use any shoe, but this is not the case. There are a variety of options, but there are also rules.

Do you want to know what types of shoes make a good match with denim pants?

Ankle boots

The ankle boots came into men’s fashion to stay. And, this type of footwear fits perfectly with different outfits (except for the suit) and in different seasons, especially in the cold or warm. If you’re going to wear jeans denim or black color, do not hesitate to weigh in this shoe that will give you a look rocker, casual or trendy.


If your taste leans towards something more classic and fashionable, then loafers will be the best option for you to wear with any jeans. This type of shoes will make you look fresh and classy.


There is nothing better than wearing jeans with casual Adidas or converse shoes, depending on your tastes. It’s the best combination you can do when it comes to wearing jeans and taking a walk around town. We recommend using you only during the day and in casual situations, never at work or at a formal dinner.

Shoes with laces

A man in jeans and laced shoes will always look good. Whether Friday at work, for a family meal, or even at dinner, this outfit is a must-see for someone with good tastes. Do not hesitate to have a black or honey color Brogue shoes from Viceversa.

A man who knows how to wear good shoes respects himself

They say if you want to know what a person is like, look at their shoes. Be it for that belief or any other kind of ideology and the reality is that footwear says a lot about someone. All you have to show up for a job interview with shoes in poor condition so that you rejected or that the art of seduction is not your thing because of the way you dress.

According to a study by the University of Kansas, it determined that just seeing someone’s footwear can deduce up to 90% of its characteristics.

This research published in the Journal of Research in Personality ensured that men who know how to wear good shoes have a better interaction with people. It does not matter if they are costly or bought in luxury stores, which gives them value is the quality of the materials with which they made and the care of the person.

On the other hand, it confirmed that dress shoes are essential for men since the safety and bearing that they transmit to others will depend on them. In addition to the fact that shoes are the perfect symbol of distinction and how a person can be respected just by arriving at a place with clean, well dress shoes in good condition.

If you want to have a neat and extremely trendy image, we recommend you visit our Viceversa page so that you know the entire range of shoes created to meet your needs and never be out of style.

Mistakes that most men make when buying shoes shopping for shoes can be such a satisfying activity that it could even become an addiction regardless of gender. However, not all footwear purchases are suitable or necessary, since in many cases, men do not know what they want and choose to choose anything.

To avoid spending too much on buying a pair of boots, tennis shoes, or shoes that do not suit your lifestyle or the type of body you have. It is important to pay close attention to the most common mistakes men make when buying your shoes.

Common mistakes when buying shoes

Once you have decided to go shopping, you will need to keep in mind the things you need and pay close attention to the following.


It is essential to know perfectly the number you wear. There is nothing worse than walking in a small or large shoe. Before buying something, make sure you have the size you want.


Once you have mastered the subject of size, you need to order the shoes and try them on at the moment. We recommend taking a few steps until you convinced that they are comfortable and fit your type of foot.

Sport vs. tennis shoes

It is one thing to have sports shoes and combine them with jeans to wear tennis shoes for the gym and use them in the same way.

The significant differences between these types of footwear can change your image completely. There are exclusive tennis shoes for exercise, and there is a sports shoe ideal for wearing during a family meal outdoors.

Formal shoes

There is no better option for a formal look than opting for Oxford shoes from Viceversa Elite or Derby. You don’t need to buy them with a very square or pointed tip, and a regular shape will be the best option.


The materials with which the shoes made are significant since they will depend on their comfort when walking and the durability of the shoe. At Viceversa, you will find shoes made of 100% suede leather with Italian soles that characterized by being light, flexible, and resistant.

Once you have mastered the above points, we are sure that the next time you buy shoes; you will do it in the best way. In Viceversa, you can find different models that will adapt to your lifestyle, and that will guarantee you a better path.

These are the colors of infallible shoes in your closet. 

To always look on-trend regardless of seasons, you need still have clothes and shoes in primary colors in your closet. It will help you create ideal combinations for every occasion.

Knowing that you are a man with multiple roles and commitments ranging from a day in the office to enjoying an elegant night, we set out to create a list of shoe colors that are a must-have, and that will also take you out of any rush.


Best in black, not for something the black color is the favorite for lovers of right clothing and luxury. For this reason, your closet mustn’t lack two to three pairs of shoes in this shade and of different models.

The Elite collection by shoe brands created to give you the best choice of formal shoes to wear on wedding night or even at an important business meeting.

Coffee / Honey

Some brown and honey-colored shoes will be your best allies for a casual meal or to give a twist to your combinations. These shades adapt perfectly during spring and summer, in addition to highlighting with jeans or light pants.

In FashionFamiliar you will find the best quality footwear with the trendiest shades of the season.

Grey suede

For a casual and relaxed Sunday, a blue with grey suede chukka boots from Amazon will be the best option. This type of footwear will comfortably adapt your walk without leaving the style behind. Combine them with jeans and a matching shirt in those tones.

With these colors and models of shoes, you will have a wide range of options to combine them at any time without letting your good looks lost due to not having what is necessary.

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